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Mon, Nov. 7th, 2005 01:14 pm

My dad left me all night here alone while he did favors for the neighbors. I just watched TV and played on my computer. I got to watch the New Simpson and Family Guy Eps. Then soon after I fell asleep again. I was woke up late and my dad had order some pizza and some wings. I thought well I guess this is a way to repay me *shrugs*. I played his friend at some Football and beat him until he decided to quit. We played some other games then soon I went back to sleep. I woke up to see his friend still wanting to play a game with me. We played two more games I won one and he finally beat me by one point the next game. Soon after he left. My dad said he was going to spend $100 dollars in groceries. Then I thought $100!? WTF is going on. I didn't asked but soon I would find out. I got ready to go and on the way there he told me he keeped that friend out by giving him $50 so he didn't have to drive all the way out to his work. My dad strictly told me he was NEVER going to do this again and he did. My dad tried the code and it was the wrong pin. My dad got back angry as heck and he was like I need some money so can I pawn you DS. I was like "No, It's your OWN mistake. I'm not bailing you out again" So he said screw it and unscrewed the VCR. So that's where I stand right now. Again, in one of these situations that I don't want to be in but have to. God, I need to get out of here.

P.S. If anyone is reading this please comment. Because I need a little strength or something as this time in my life.

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Sat, Nov. 5th, 2005 08:49 pm

Once again, Stalking from LJ but eh I don't have much to write about. Unless I write about all my leveling up status for my games... That actually may be a good idea xD.

Okay, The really reason I'm posting is because I have people on my buddy list I really don't know that well so I don't know at all because of Candy giving me her Buddy List. Anyways, I usually look at people's Away messages through Profile. And people are just giving there phone number in there away message. It just annoys me because that's pretty much open to any stalker to just use that number to call that person and they could use that phone number to find infomation about that person. It's just not smart. I wouldn't do that because that would be too much in long distance and I know how it feels to get calls from annoying people (Telemarkets, Bill Collector, and Etc.)

Since my last message, I have gotten rid of AOL dial-up and using Earthlink. Seeing my dad looking for work and not having a paycheck a few weeks. My dad's been drinking 2 fourties a night on work night and probably 4 on weekends. My dad's been bugging me to get a job badly. I want to get a job but my dad is using my car and I don't want my dad getting most of my money per paycheck. I'm still confused what I'm suppose to do. I'm still single which is making me more and more depressed. My grandma's getting a lot better but she still isn't in perfect shape. While shopping with Dee (My Aunt) I got Black & White, a Lazer Pen, Wishbone Boardgame, and "The Man With Two Brains" DVD.

<Depressing Stuff>This may be a little too depressing to read.Collapse )</Depressing Stuff>

Later, I'll past my Online Gaming list Active, Semi-Active, and Non-Active.

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Sun, Sep. 18th, 2005 10:12 pm

First my spamage http://phantasyrpg.com/main.php?view=81685 . Press yes and you can see a little preview of the game by pressing yes. If you want to join just click the link with the would if you would like to sign up.

Enough of that. I'm starting to dream of all my exs. First night it was Danielle, then Katie, then Danielle again, and tonight I dreamt of Amanda (Or as most called her SNB). I just can't believe it I guess I'm that lonely now that I have to think of all my past girlfriends. I guess I'm in the mind set I know I want to get my life on track but I CAN'T. I miss everything.. I miss everyone.. I even miss the fights I use to have at least back then everything was a bit more sane. It seems like i'm always ranting but I just want everything to be normal here. I want to live my life. I want to have everything I once had and maybe more. Sometimes I feel like my friends not really into my life or too busy with there own life's to care. But I do want to know what goes on in there lives I mean I really miss them. I guess I can't have everything I want.

Though there is some good news... for now anyways. My dad hasn't drank in two days one more day and he's over the hump... but he may still be sneaking. I guess I have to watch him a bit more...

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Tue, Aug. 23rd, 2005 07:08 am

If anyone was wondering where I was since I wasn’t on AIM for a whole Five weeks month.

My internet/cable connection was cut on Thursday the last day of the Maple Story Event. That wasn’t that bad though it’s just some stuff I will never use anyways. (July 21)

Week One

”Friday”Collapse )(July 22)

”Saturday:Collapse )(July 23)

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”Monday-Thursday”Collapse )(July 25) (July 26) (July 27) (July 28)

Week Two

”Friday”Collapse )(July 29)

”Saturday,Collapse )(July 30)

”Sunday,Collapse )(July 31)

”Mon”Collapse )(August 1)

”Tue”Collapse )(August 2)

”Wed”Collapse )(August 3)

”Thurs”Collapse )(August 4)

Week Three

”Friday,Collapse )(August 5)

”Saturday,Collapse ) (August 6)

”Sunday,Collapse )(August 7)

”Mon”Collapse )(August 8)

”Tue”Collapse )(August 9)

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”Thurs”Collapse ) (August 11)

Week Four

”Friday,Collapse ) (August 12)

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”Wed”Collapse ) (August 17)

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Week Five

”Friday,Collapse )(August 19)

”Saturday,Collapse )(August 20)

”Sunday,Collapse ) (August 21)

”Monday,Collapse ) (August 22)

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Fri, Jul. 8th, 2005 02:03 am

Yeah, My lazyiness is setting in again Blaaah. I haven't tagged any more of my entries because I really don't want to go through anymore of the past currently. I can't wait for Karaoke Revolution Party comes out it will be sooo awesome! Not only that but our Kitty had three kittens. One Mixed with Black and White and Two pure black. They look sooo cute when they get big enough I will take a picture with my digital camera.

On bad news, My car's rear tail light got busted out. Set 1 of my keys were stolen AKA. My dad's pair. Later, On she also came back and stole my dad's cellphone and Some Cash. We are pretty much trying to get by on the little money we have because of my dad's drinking addiction >.> Times like this I wish I had a job but everytime I talk about it he says he doesn't want me to get a job he just makes me to be his wife >.>; Oh well, I have to do something about this because I can't take this much longer. I need money to fix things and get me a little entertainment. I really don't have anywhere to go to since Katie dumped me but whatever. I guess my only entertainment is going to be cleaning, watching TV, fixing stuff, and computer.

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Whoo, Confinadence Boost! xP

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Wed, Jun. 22nd, 2005 03:02 pm

I was going through all my past enteries and I was telling Justin about I was in the year of the Danielle. Then he's like she is happily married with children. I'm like... WTF!? No... Now, I'm just as depressed as I was back in the 2003-2004 days x.x;. Anyways, I wish he would of shut up and not told me anything. Because dammit I still love her because I told her F&E. I guess the world will kick you when your down. I don't think Katie is coming back. Now, I have no one to go to now... This kind of Depression isn't healthy for me. Oh well, Here are the Top Ten Tags. Filler(43), Band lyrics(29), Quizzes(27), Danielle(22), Work(19), Dreams(11), School(11), Rant(9), Work Schedule(7), and Fun?(7)

*shrugs* Actually, I'm starting to feel a little better.

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Tue, Jun. 21st, 2005 05:50 pm

I'm going to probably start taggin my Updates and may even Tag some of the older ones as well. Other New, Is that once again. I'm Single. For some reason, Katie just goes We are official broken up blah blah blah I hate you blah blah blah I don't want to talk to you again. Like always since I can't get why she is mad at me I'm just going respect her wishes on not talking to her. Kinda fishy after I posted that last entry she says this. Anyways, I'm kinda bummed because I really loved her but Eh, what can you do?

BTW, If you don't know who The Dreaming is check out there awesomely cool website. I searched on there for a while and I haven't seen anything pop out to scary you. Plus, if you are too creeped out there is a Stop All Noise at the bottom right.

EDIT >>> First two months down fourty five more to go. BTW, I'm leaving the entries as is and not correcting ANY of the spelling mistakes xP

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Mon, Jun. 20th, 2005 05:38 pm

I was searching my name on Google and I found this Image.Collapse ) *sighs* I don't even know why I'm posting it. Now matter what I try to do to forget her, something always comes up reminding me of here >.<; Oh well, I will always miss her because I loved her and I guess I still do... I will have to get over it sooner or later because I will never get her back. Not only that but it's not worth it to start trying anymore.

Other new, I finally got over the fact that Ryo is a lesbian. I dunno I didn't think she cared for me but we talked and I'm over that thing now.

My dad finally got sick of drinking and I'm sure he will quit now. I hope he can continue this streak because I missed this dad. Overall, I'm still happy though.

< sad > Pink Pussy has ended < /sad >

Someone liked my background picture on Neopets so much he used it in his user shop. =3 If you don't know what neopets is give me a refer. ^_^

I might update more but most likely not.

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Thu, May. 19th, 2005 04:49 pm

My dad got back from rehab a few days ago. It's great to have him back and I really love that he is clean again. I went throught a lot of stuff most of it has been cleared up. I got to see Justin again. He's computer went down for a while. Katie had her 18th birthday 2 days ago. It's just the memory of Danielle still haunts me. I mean I had a really great dream of her with me again. *sighs* I thought I could get rid of her memory by just not talking to her or seeing her but NO. I'm stuck with her in my mind. I would talk about it but i'm not really in the mood. I'm 20 and my life is still just as confusing as it always was.

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Tue, Apr. 12th, 2005 06:32 am

I'm back to post some more events in my life whither you missed it or I already told you about it. (Please Comment?)

Events will be in reverse order so the most recent stuff will be first instead of the olderst first. (Test at the end of events)

Lately, I been feeling like Katie(Some of you many know her as BB or ButterBlossom at the old Buttercup's Winter Cabin which was a another room that grow out from the PPGchat) might be kinda sick of me and just wants to get on with her life or wants to leave me for someone else. I really don't know she won't talk to be about it. Lately, I been wishing something bad would happen to me. Then I was thinking about it then I thought "Pfeh, If I wanted something bad to happen to me it would happen RIGHT when I get back on my feet again". But Hey, at least I have some of the best friends in the world.

Speaking of friends, I finally official lost one. She was an ex-girlfriend of one of my best friends Justin (or Dias). Anyways, She wants to completely wipe out the memory of him and since I'm his friend I'm on the list. She was more pissed off at me because the whole trip I TOLD her that this relationship wasn't going to work because he doesn't love her like that. He Ignored me then finally she stood up and finally left. I got to talk to her one last time though. I fought about it for a while gave up when she was going to block me I just told her that if she ever wanted to talk I would be on her list.

Now that I got the online/feelings stuff over with it's back to my life.

My grandma went to the hosipital when she couldn't move her arms up. They haven't found out what it is but my dad things it has something to do with her muscles in her arm. So now I'm on call for my grandma. I don't want to lose er though if she isn't there I have no where to go to if my dad gets in one of his fits. I hope it gets better so she will be okay.

Then finally the biggest slap in my face ever. Someone had the nerve to steal my car when I accidently left my keys in the door (I know It's a bad habit xx;). Not only that but only ONE person comes to our door the whole day and she claims she didn't do it. Not only did she steal it but now my Alternate is shock and the tolling fees. The police couldn't do anything about it. The only good thing that happened was there was no damage and nothing in the car was stolen. I lock my car up tight now though I will NEVER let that happen again.

And finally a test result.

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Vanity |||||||||||||| 56%
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