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Adding Unfinished BSoD Book 2 - Repairing Wings 24/7
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Sun, Jul. 19th, 2009 09:09 pm
Adding Unfinished BSoD Book 2

This is the last of the Black Shadow of Death series Danielle released a looong time ago.


Chapter One: The Loss

Hana sat on the hill in amazement, sadness, shock, and so many other confusing emotions, you couldn't even count how many there were.

She ran her fingers through ANARKI's hair, and caressingly down his cheek one last time. Gohan knelt down beside her and closed ANARKI's eyes shut and Hana took off her purple jacket and laid it on top of his face.

"I know how much he meant to you, Hana", Gohan comforted her, wrapping his arms around her from behind.

Hana pushed him away, "Fuck you Gohan!! No one would ever understand!!!"

She quickly got up and walked away from her lost love's body. As she walked, a great pink light surrounded her body, and in a flash of even greater light, a different form walked where she had. A great orange tiger with red wings and huge tail walked her path.

"Oh fuck no...” Gohan whispered under his breath.

Gohan broke into a run, but before he could get his feet off the ground, the great tiger beat him to first flight. She spread her wings and leapt into the air, towards the mansion.

"HANA!! NO!!!” Gohan followed after her, the others close by.

Hana flew at high speed, ignoring the calls of her friends. She shot down to the bottom of the hill, and into the flames and heavy smoke of the shattered greenhouse. She coughed and sputtered from the smoke and fumes of burning tropical plants, slowing her down slightly. Only one thing was on her mind: REVENGE; to kill the person, or thing that killed so many of her friends in such disgusting ways.


Chapter Two: The Rage

Gohan behind Hana, now in her humanoid form. Mojo, EeveeRin, SuperGirl, B-chan, and SilverBubbles landed on either side of him. Gohan opened his mouth to speak, but Hana raised her hand in the air for him to stop.

Hana looked up in the air, and tossed her pink charm up. It glowed brightly and became a long wooden pole. As soon it stopped glowing, it fell into her opened hand.

"Hana", Gohan started again, Hana began to walk away.

The group ran behind her, Gohan attempted to talk some sense into her.

"Hana this isn't rational, you can't beat that thing! It's too pow--!"

Hana spined around at him on a heel, her eyes were narrow and seemed to spark the fires of hatred and revenge. Gohan stared face-to-face into her eyes and stepped away.

"What the-?!! What, you're not even going to try and stop her?!", yelled B-chan.

They watched her continue down the corridor.

"No", said Gohan calmly, "I know that this something she needs to do...and I know waaay better than to mess with a redhead like that!"

The group fell over with their feet in the air.

Chapter Three: The Voice

Hana wandered into the ballroom, the water still and calm across the floor. She looked up at the ceiling, and found that it was nothing but a hole. She could see all the way up to what used to be the indoor pool and spa. All you could see was the dark-clouded sky through the tinted sun roof, making the clouds look like thick mud. Hana stepped in the giant puddle of a ballroom, and cringed as she noticed her own reflection in the water. She looked back up and flapped her wings, gliding low across the waters, parting them into ripples and waves. She landed on the stage, (or what was left of it) timber from the ceiling created holes through out it.

Hana sat on the stage and watched drops of water fall from above. It's as if the hotel is crying, she thought, crying because of me. She threw a piece of plaster into the water, and watched it skip across. She looked at her reflection through the rippling water as her tears fell in, distorting her face into what she considered as "her true form". "A monster." She closed her eyes and lost herself within her thoughts of happier times. Times of hot, passionate nights with her now-dead lover. Someone that she may never have holding her again. It was all her fault that it happened...all of them...dead...

"It's not your fault, Hana", said a soft voice.

She shuddered as the chill went up her spine.

"You know it isn't, babes. You're just being silly."

She knew who it was, his voice, ANARKI's voice. She opened her eyes and looked around helplessly, hoping. He wasn't there; her imagination must be running away with her. Hana missed his comforting words, and she knew that that was exactly what he would say. "Babes." He was always calling her that.

"I'm still alive, Hana."

Her eyes widened. He couldn't be...he was dead! She saw the blood on his clothes, on the grass around him on the hill. But it did sound like he was right there or somewhere near by.

"We're still here, Hana, we're not dead! Close your eyes and I'll show you. Trust me."

Hana shut her eyes, bewildered and very confused. Her mind felt a "rushing" sensation and she could see the flashes of light passing by. Hana's spirit seemed to have left her body as it shot down hallways and corridors of the hotel. She finally slowed down somewhere dark, someplace deep under the hotel, in a cavern of some sort. She saw different coloured, glowing, human-forms of light, all being held in chains against the walls in a dungeon-like atmosphere. She watched in horror as a few of the bodies dimmed as their energy was sucked slowly from them by a strange, dark being. Then she saw ANARKI pinned against a wall by the restraints, his blue eyes dim and all most as lifeless as he was when he lied on the hill with the knife through his chest.

"Hurry Hana we haven't much time left."

His head drop and his eyes closed. Hana immediately was shot back into herself so hard, her body slammed into the back wall, knocking the wind out of her. Then, everything went black.

Chapter Four: The Dream

Hana saw ANARKI laying on the floor of their bedroom. She walked up to him and straddled on top of his naked body. They smiled at one another as they admired each of their bodies in the candle light. Hana aimed her wet hole above ANARKI's hot, quivering member and slowly slid it inside of herself. The candle flames flickered and danced as they made their passionate love together. Hana's wings spread out and her tail wagged in excitement and enjoyment. Hana tipped her head back and cried out her love for him.

She opened her eyes and saw the black demon looming over them. She screamed in panic and was thrown off of her lover and onto the bed. Hana watched as ANARKI was engulfed in its darkness and then his screaming finally stopped. As the demon turned towards her, she glanced around it and saw nothing but blood mixed with ANARKI's dark hair. She screamed and cried for mercy as it came closer. It grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her as she yelled for help.

Hana opened her eyes and shot up in bed, tears staining her cheeks and a cold sweat over her body. Gohan stood beside her and stared. Hana finally gathered herself and looked around the infirmary. It was only a dream.

Thank God.

She looked at Gohan and the others. Gohan explained how they had found her, and the only damage that was done was to the wall. They looked at her, confused and worried as she sat in silence, her head hanging low.

She told them what she had seen, what had happened, what he had told her, and what they all must do.

The people, who they thought dead, were still alive, hundreds of feet below the surface, in territory unknown. In a place like Hell.


Chapter Five: The Meeting

The group sat in the nurse's lounge, discussing well, rather "yelling" the best course of action.

B-Chan, SilverBubbles, and SuperGirl all suggested a sudden attack with brutal force and lots of carnage.

Mojo and Gohan suggested a sneak attack with plenty of planning and anything else that considered brain power.

EeveeRin squeakily suggested asking the monster politely and nicely, (very nicely) to let their friends go and be a good guy.

"Whatever", said SG, "I still like the idea of beating the shit outta it and giving it what it deserves!"

"C'mon", disagreed Mojo, "we need to think logically. We can't just barge in there and kill it."

"Yeah", said Gohan, "we need a plan. We know its power, it's too large. We need a plan, a surprise attack!"

Hana say cross legged in a chair by the window, staring outside at the gloom of the sky and waves of the fields. If she only knew its weaknesses. Something, everything has a weakness. Gohan had his, Hana even had a few. Even someone like Vegita had a weakness...

"Hey Hana!"

Hana, startled, looked up from her concentrated thoughts, "Wha?".

"Hana", Gohan looked at her sternly, "we need to know what to do."

Hana stared. Like hell she knew. She took a deep breath and slowly sighed, then stared up at the ceiling, "we'll improvise", she looked at them, "what ever needs to be done, will be done. If we have to fight, we'll do it."

B-Chan, SB, and SG stood triumphantly, while Gohan, Eev, and Mojo fell over in dismay.

"We don't know what's going to happen. Dani doesn't even know and she's writing this damned thing! Let's just go! We're wasting time and she's wasting valuable pen ink!", shouted Hana.

Hana thought to herself about how bad AANARKI's trapped spirit looked. His eyes weren't as bright as she'd remembered. The ones she fell in love with. She had to hurry. She must save her friends, and protect the ones she had left from this black hand of death and doom.

Chapter Six: The Beginning

Our small group of heroes rushed down the hallway towards the entrance to the lowest part of the hotel: The Basement.

EeveeRin squeeked as he remembered his last ordeal in the basement. Rats! So many blood thirsty rats! Why did he have to go too? What if they came back and ate them alive like they did to Ace?! Oh the humanity!

"I can't go down there!!!", he screamed and tried to run back.

Supergirl and B-chan grinned. SG opened the door and B-Chan grabbed Eev. EeveeRin screamed again.


Hana scowled disapprovingly and tisked at their childish behavior.

"That's just sick!"

"Nuh-uh", said B-chan.

"Yeah", grinned SG, "We just wanted some fun."

"C'mon", said Hana, "we're all scared enough as it is."

"Who said all of us were scared, I fear no man, beast, or creature of doom!", exclaimed SG, B-chan nodded in agreement.

"B-Chan", said Hana, "let him go."

B-Chan grunted and let him go. Eev ran behind Hana and stayed behind her. When he was brave enough, he stuck his tongue out at the two.

Hana started down the stairs, the group close behind, EeveeRin shaking and holding on to Hana's tail, (Hana wincing a few times as he squeezed and wringed at it). Hana stopped at the end of the stairs and EeveeRin's ears perked up; all of them listened and waited.

A strange noise was heard, far down at the left end of the basement. Hana followed the corridors, listening intensively to the continuous popping and crackling.

"Sounds like popcorn", said Mojo.

B-Chan sniffed the air, "Nuh-uh, doesn't smell like it...more like...something...smoky?"

"Uh oh", said SB.

They ran quickly towards the noise and smells, and soon saw a glowing, flickering light. It wasn't a big fire as they feared, thank fully. A few torches were lit and hanging on the blank brick wall. They looked around the dead end hallway, and exchanged glances.

"What are we looking for?", asked SuperGirl impatiently, "this is stupid." She leaned against the wall between the two torches and they watched as she fell inside, yelling a bit in surprise.

"Oh my God!", said Eevee, panicking, "it's taken her too! We're all doomed! Doom--!"

SuperGirl popped her head out, "Shuttup!"

EeveeRin screamed and fell back on a pile of cardboard boxes at SG's floating head.

"Hey guys! This is cool!", said SG.

The group walked over putting their hands through the hologram-like wall. SuperGirl stepped out and smiled in glory of finding the secret passage way. SilverBubbles helped EeveeRin back up, and watched everyone messing with the wall.

"Kewl!!" said Eevee, and he went over to try it too.

"You guys!!"

They all stopped and stared at angry Hana, then remembered that this was a serious mission. Once again, Hana motioned them to follow her, and they walked into the torch lit passage.


Chapter Seven: The Cavern

I think we might be almost there, I can sense it!, thought Hana.

They slowly winded their way through the old tunnels, cobwebs hung on the torches and on the ceiling. It was all down hill, and they saw something sparkle in the distance. As they walked through the large hole in the rock, they looked around in awe. The underground cavern sparkled and glittered with water drop-soaked rocks and multicolored crystals. The place lit up in all its glory as Mojo and Gohan held up their torches higher. Everyone ran off in different directions as if they were in Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom. Hana sighed in disappointment. Owell, might as well have a bit of fun for myself, she thought as she walked along the pathway, and gazed at one particularly large pink and purple crystal.


Mojo walked down a small slope and stopped near the edge of a small, calm pool of water. He peered down into the brilliant, clear water, pitched black at the bottom, seemingly to go on forever. He jumped when startled at the sound of a few rocks falling behind him. Mojo turned and saw SilverBubbles. She smiled at him and blushed at her clumsiness. Mojo smiled back and chortled. Then they both began to laugh.

Suddenly, SilverBubbles screamed as she watched something rising from the water. It was black, with red eyes and many legs, like a large octopus. When Mojo turned to see what she had seen, it grabbed his leg, wrapping one thick tentacle tightly around it and hoisted him into the air. He cried out in pain as it squeezed his leg tighter, making Mojo fear that it might rip off. Mojo, wincing, looked down the monsters throat, dangling above the monster's beak, as its little snack.

Chapter Eight: The Monster

EeveeRin's ears perked up and he looked in the direction of the screams. Someone's in trouble, he thought. Instead of wasting time to try and find Hana or Gohan to help, Eev ran at full speed to the dreadful shrieking.

He skidded to a stop and gasped at the terrible monster. EeveeRin trembled a little, and stared up at Mojo, who was being lowered closer and closer to the octopus's beak. Mojo let out a final yell and the monster dropped Mojo.

EeveeRin watch him fall as if in slow-motion. "I can't stand here and watch someone else die! I can do it! I'm half Pokemon!", he shouted, and he bounded off a boulder towards the monster.

Seeming to defy gravity and all laws of physics, (like a scene from The Matrix or something else fucked up) EeveeRin flashed as a great brown, green, and black blur over the monster's face. He caught Mojo in the knick-of-time, bounced back off of the cavern wall, and in front of the pool.

Stunned, Mojo stared and SilverBubbles gasped at Eev's remarkable achievement.

EeveeRin panted and stayed in a fighting stanza, watching the octopus, "Go find Hana!", he ordered, and continued to have a stare down with the monster.

Mojo and SB ran. SilverBubbles looked back at the brave little Pokemon-person and wished him luck.

EeveeRin looked around for something to use against it. To his disappointment however, all he could find was rocks...lots of rocks. He sighed and picked up a handful, throwing them at the monster as he frantically dodged its flailing tentacles. EeveeRin jumped up and scrambled up onto a cliff above the octopus. It looked around for him. Eev looked up at the cavern ceiling and grinned. He backed up against the wall, and then dived off the cliff.

Hana, Gohan, Mojo, and SilverBubbles arrived and watched EeveeRin fall on top of the monster's head. He bounced off as if it was a round and squishy trampoline and shot like a bullet to the ceiling. Rocks fell as it caved in; boulders hit the monster and splashed into the pool. The octopus screeched in pain and was buried alive under the rocks.

As the dust cleared, the four peeked out from their cover. They dodged back in as the pile of rocks moved. EeveeRin's head popped out, battered and bruised, he crawled out and dusted his shirt off. They popped back out and cheered, then laughed as a small rock fell and hit him in the head.


Chapter Nine: The Evolution
(Note from the Author: A pen died for this chapter, so don't blame me that this sounds awful.)

EeveeRin rubbed his head and looked down at the rock. He picked it up and jumped up and down on the rubble.

"Hey guyys! Look at this!", he showed them the rock.

It was shining with beautiful colors and adorn with a strange marking. SuperGirl snatched it and turned it over and over again.

"It's just a stupid rock", she snorted.

She threw it and SilverBubbles caught it. She turned it around in her hands and held it up to a light, admiring its beauty. All of a sudden, EeveeRin's eyes widened and he stared at the rock.

"I know what that is!"

He took the rock and held it up to the light again, "It's a Friendship stone!"

"What?", exclaimed everyone, and as soon as they uttered the word, EeveeRin's body was engulfed in a blinding, sparkling light. Their mouths hung open and they gaped at what used to be EeveeRin, was now EspeonRin.

Mojo fell over with laughter, "He's purple! He's purple!"

SuperGirl and B-Chan chimed in.

"Look at the size of those side burns", Gohan gawked. Hana poked him in the ribs. "Ow!"

"They're not sideburns! They're..uhh...whiskers?", blushed EspeonRin through his lavender fur. He wrung at his tail with the double tips.

Suddenly, there was a loud thump somewhere down the tunnel. It shook the caverns, making more rocks fall. Gohan made a safety bubble with his energy to protect him from the falling boulders.

When the rocks had stopped crashing down on them, they looked up, and noticed a new tunnel. It glowed in shades of red, orange, and gold as if it the place beyond was engulfed in flames.


Chapter Ten: The Hope

They walked into the beginning of the tunnel, amazed at where the colors might be coming from. They shielded their eyes a little from the lights ahead. Then another loud thump was heard, followed by many smaller ones behind them.

"The entrance collapsed", SilverBubbles looked back at the entryway they just came in.

"Guess there's no turning back, now", said Hana, "No more running. Not like what we have been doing. This needs to be finished, now!"

Hana walked on, the others followed.



Meanwhile, in the torture chambers of some hellish dungeon, the souls of many were chained to the walls. They watched as the monster ripped them from their shackles and threw them into a room where all that they could hear were the screams and flashes of light of the helpless victims who entered.

The souls of Prog and Ace watched helplessly as the monster took K from where they were chained together and was tossed into the room.

"We have to get out", said Ace, "we're dying in here!"

"But how? There's no way!", whispered Prog as a gargoyle stomped by.

ANARKI turned towards them; his colors were fading away very fast. He had been taken to the room three times in a row and one more round of that, and he would fade out.

"Hana's coming", he said weakly, everyone else in the room that could here him perked up, "so are the survivors."

There was a rush of excited whispers throughout the dungeons, of the hope of being freed and seeing the sun again. Suddenly, the door to the room burst open and K's limp spirit was thrown out as the monster tossed her back against the wall. The shackles and chains lifted by themselves and wrapped her securely. Prog nudged her and whispered in her ear as she lied up against the wall, heaving and wincing in pain.

She smiled and said to him as she looked up, "I hope she kicks that goddamned fucker's ass good!" She laughed a little, and then passed out, her head landed in Prog's lap.


Chapter Eleven: The Bridge

Gohan ran his fingers along the wall, looking up ahead at Hana and grinning a little. He picked up his pace a bit and put his arm around her waist.

"C'mon, Hana", he whispered to her, "you need to calm down or you'll do something that you might regret."

"I already regret a lot of things", she whispered back.

He let go of her and tried to calm her down, "listen, we don't need you getting all loco again. You need to get a hold of yourself befo-."

Hana and Gohan both stopped in wide-eyed wonder of what they saw before them. Fire's burned all around, (as well as the impending sense of doom, death, and extreme pain). A jagged walkway of rocks and lava stone was the only bridge through the blazing pits of flames. They cautiously walked across it, sweating from the intense heat, and keeping alert of any dangers along the way.

Mojo stopped in his tracks and looked around nervously, "does anyone have that feeling that we are being watched?"

Everyone stopped too, feeling the same sensations of a looming dark force...several in fact. Hana immediately whipped out her charm again and conjured up her staff. They squinted through the flames and ashes for something to jump out at them.

"I don't like this", said SG as she stood in fighting stanza, "I can't see it...or them...or whatever the fuck it is!"

SilverBubbles jumped a little and looked behind her as something whizzed past, "SHIT! What the hell was that?!"

Then it happened again behind Mojo, almost dropping his huge and threatening-looking laser blaster. Strange dark figures kept darting around them through the flames. B-Chan looked up and shouted as one dived down towards her. She quickly jumped away, and they looked up at the nine-foot tall beast with bat-like wings. Five more gargoyle-type creatures fell from above and blocked them from escape. Slowly, they moved forward to the survivors, claws and teeth ready for a brutal bashing, aching for a taste of fresh blood and meat.


Chapter Twelve: The Gargoyles

Six giant gargoyles stood around them, looming in closer and closer on the bridge. Hana, Gohan, Mojo and EspeonRin faced three gargoyles in front of them, while SuperGirl, SilverBubbles, and B-chan faced the other three.

Without warning, the biggest and strongest-looking, (not to mention ugliest) gargoyle raised his hands out in front of him and blew out a huge glowing ball of fiery rock in Hana's direction. Hana gasped and stood dumbfounded at her spot, watching fiery doom head for her. Gohan jumped in front of her and his blue eyes flashed as he blocked it with his force field. He winked back at Hana, and in return, she gave him a stubbornly shocked and appalled look. She pushed him aside and stared down the monster, holding her staff tightly.

The monstrous beast raised its hand in the air and gave out a terrible roar, and the other monsters charged. They took flight and looked like torpedoes as they shot across the ceiling. B-Chan and SG jumped forward ramming into their enemies, pushing them back a few feet. The two girls jumped back to where they originally stood.

SilverBubbles leapt into the air, did a flying somersault and landed on the gargoyle’s head. She jumped again as it reached for her and she shot a sharp silver beam from her hands, sending the monster flailing as it fell off the rocks. She landed back onto the ground again and smiled triumphantly. As she bowed, a dark figure rose up from the flames, its wings opened and its claws outreached. Without warning, it grabbed her, flying away as she screamed. It flew into a hole in the ceiling, her screams echoed throughout the cavern of fire.


Chapter Thirteen: The Madwoman

They had almost forgotten about the five remaining gargoyles until they flew off into the air. Their hands glowed red and the group of heroes were being terrorized by a shower of fireballs and flaming meteors. EspeonRin was the first to be hit, burning his tail badly. Then SG, who was hit in the arm. The fire kept falling on them as they darted and blocked and hit them away.

Then Hana's body glowed pink again, and she stopped the monsters, her wand raised at them.

"You froze them?", Mojo looked at her in disbelief.

"Not quite", said Gohan.

Hana moved her free hand, waving it and wiggling her fingers. She swayed her wand back and forth with the other hand. Then gargoyles had begun to dance. Mojo, SuperGirl, EspeonRin, B-Chan, and Gohan laughed.

"It's her power", chuckled Gohan as he watched the gargoyles leap together, "she can read and control the mind. As long as she has that gem on her forehead and the charm on her staff."

Mojo looked at the charm; it was pink, and shaped as a brain. In the middle was the marking of an eye, with a small white stone in place of the pupil.

"Okay, Hana", said Gohan,"that's enough."

Hana didn't stop her torchers on them. She grinned eerily, as she began to slam them into one another.

"Hana!", Gohan watched in horror as she made them bend backwards, the gargoyles screamed in pain. They all winced as they heard the sickening cracks of spines breaking. Two gargoyles fell limp into the fire.

Gohan ran at her, and then slammed against an impenetrable barrier, falling back to the ground. Hana dangled the three remaining gargoyles above the fire, they shrieked again.

Gohan did the only thing he could do. He stood beside Hana, spaces his feet, and shouted, "KAAAAAAAME...HAAAAAME....HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!". A huge blast of energy blasted through the barrier, knocking Hana down. The light surrounding her vanished, and her staff returned itself around her neck as only the harmless charm. She lay motionless on the ground, stunned and unconscious. The group winced again as the screams were heard from the injured gargoyles, dropping into the flames.

Gohan knelt beside her and hung his head low, thinking, Hana, what's happened to you?


Chapter Fourteen: The Ancestor

Hana vaguely remembered being lifted up off the ground and being held by something strong and warm. She blinked her eyes and smiled as she pressed her ear against the person's chest, listening to their heart beat. She closed her eyes again, hearing the heart beat, the sound of talking and feet scuttling around her. Her skin finally felt so cool, and she knew then that she wasn't in that sweltering fire pit anymore.

Gohan was startled a little as Hana's gem flashed its familiar light, engulfing them both in her pink-colored energy. Gohan shuttered on the rock he sat on, cradling Hana close to him as he felt the light touch places deep inside of him. He closed his eyes and felt his body being propelled forward. His eyes opened again in awe at a beautiful place. It was filled with flowers and strange, but wonderful creatures.

Hana appeared before him, covered in a crown of beaded pearls. She wore a yellow dress with one pink sleeve, and pink sash that went over her left shoulder and wrapped around her waist. She had leather straps criss-crossing on her arms, as well as more strands of pearls. Another string of the pearls wound itself over the sash around her waist, buckled by a golden circle like the locket she wore. Her bun on her head did not have its regular pink ribbons, but the same pearls used on most of her outfit. As she reached out and took Gohan's hand, it didn't quite feel like Hana...it was different...somehow...

"I am Hana's ancestor and protector", she explained, "She was named after me, as well as her sisters."

"Sisters? She never told me anything about that!", Gohan said.

"Yes", said the ancestor,"she does...but...another is forming inside of her now, as we speak."

At that, the skies grew dark and the animals scattered. Lightning and thunder and winds became strong.

"When the demon came inside of her, of us", she continued, "It became too strong for me to fight. Alas, in my failed attempt to protect her, the demon began to search for the darkness inside her soul. With all of the past happening outside of this world, the things that she's witnessed, Hana's dark side is growing more powerful." The lighting flashed brighter around them.

"There is a chance that this will put her in greater danger. The demon will return to retrieve her dark soul. Then all will be lost", her head hung low and she let go of his hand, "please, Gohan, save Hana."

Her last works echoed and with a final crash of lightning, Gohan found himself back on the rock. He stared down at Hana, her gem had gone dim, and she slept soundly in his arms.


Chapter Sixteen: The Traitors

Hana awoke once again, this time; however, Gohan had put her on the floor of the cave. She looked around a bit, and saw him and the others in a circle, in deep conversation. She winced a little as she pushed herself up, and saw the bit of blood on the material wrapped around her wound on her arm.

She listened intently as she sat on the floor, leaning against the rock. They whispered of a great evil, her name coming up every time. They glanced back at her at once, and broke apart, staring at her as if she was a flea-ridden naked mole rat.

Hana, taken by surprise, (and a little angered) from their cold stares stood up and walked forward. She gave them a nasty look in return, one of cold, looming doom to them all.

She particularly kept her eye on SuperGirl, B-chan, and Mojo, who looked at her with nearly the same stares of suspicion and doom.

"H-hey Hana", stuttered Gohan with a sweat drop to his forehead, "feelin' better I s'pose?"

There was a long pause. She let out an agitated sigh and with monotone sarcasm she answered, "Yeah. I'm peachy...just peachy."

EspeonRin, who didn't want to take part in whatever discussion they were in, sat on the floor, leaning against a boulder. His ears and whiskers twitched nervously as he tried his best to keep calm, acting as if nothing was wrong.

EspeonRin spoke up, stuttering as little as possible, "M-maybe we sh-should just go."

Everyone turned at once, amazed at his sudden burst of confidence.

"We shouldn't waste and more time right? I mean, the more we wat 'round here, the more problems our friends are experiencing", he got up and started walking.

After exchanging glances, the rest followed. EspeonRin in the lead to their triumph, or the worst downfall in history.


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