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Adding BSoD Book 1 - Repairing Wings 24/7
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Sun, Jul. 19th, 2009 09:01 pm
Adding BSoD Book 1

I'm adding this mainly because Geocities is going down and I need new place for it.  So forgive me for the long entry

Black Shadows of Death: Chapter One
The Arrival

RockerBabe sifted through her mail, finding nothing but junk. Then a pink envelope fell from her stack, and seeing no return address, she opened it and read it out loud:
"You are cordially invited to the First Annual, PPG & Anime Addicts Anonymous, (PPGAAA) Summer Time Celebration. You and 15 other specially chosen addicts are to spend 4 days & 3 nights in the luxurious Flying Tiger Hotel & Spa. The celebration begins on Friday, July 13, and ends on Monday, July 16.
Hana Goodheart (Manager)
Gohan SSJ (Asst. Manager)
"Kewl", said RockerBabe, "I wonder who else is going..."

One week later, Hana and Gohan were busy putting on the finishing touches at the Flying Tiger Hotel & Spa.
"No, no, no! The balloons and banners go in the foyer, and the giant ice cream cake goes in the ballroom! Ugh! I can't WORK like this people!"
Hana was busy screaming at the workers, and pointing out where everything went. She was totally stressing out.
"Hana! Calm down, dear", comforted Gohan, we're making perfect time!"
"Yeah, I know, but I put a hell of a lot of work into this! It has to be perfect", she said, wiping her forehead.
"I know that, and you did a great job too!"
Hana agreed with him, they looked around the Great Room.
"You'd never know that it used to hold killer psychos", said Gohan.
"Not so loud Gohan! We can't let anyone know!"
"Don't worry, dear", said Gohan, "your secret's safe with me."
"Uh, Gohan."
"Stop calling me, 'DEAR'!", Hana yelled, and Gohan flipped over with his feet in the air.

It was almost a quarter to twelve when two stretch limosines arrived. Out stepped Ace, SuperGirl, Mojo, and EeveeRin from the gold limo. From the pink limo came RockerBabe, K, Chel, and SilverBubbles.
Minutes later, anotherlimosine sped up the drive, and out came B-Chan, ANARKI, Candy, and ButtercupBabe.
Gohan counted the guests as they walked into the hotel foyer,"...ten, eleven, twelve, we're missin' four."
"Well, if they ain't here in 5 minutes, they're not allowed coming in", said Hana.
Just then, a green stretch Hummer sped in with the base blasting. Butch hung out the window waving wildly and showing them a goofy smile. He ducked back inside, then came out of the hummer, followed by Tarrsk, PsYcHoPrOg, and Forau.
"Hey! They gotta hummer!", complained Mojo.
"What's up with that?", siad Ace.
The first 12 guests gave Hana and Gohan dirty looks.With large sweat drops on thier heads, they tried to defend themselves.
"Don't look at me", panicked Hana, "I didn't order it!"
"That's all they had left", explained Gohan, "I swear it!"
With big happy smiles on their faces, the four boys walked into the hotel.
"Dude, that was waaay too cool!", Butch yelled.
"Yeah, can we just borrow that thing for awhile?", said Tarrsk.
"And not give it back?", Prog jokingly asked.
The boys burst into bent'over laughter. So Hana took out a large foghorn...
"Ok", she smiled after getting their attention, then she bowed, "welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Flying Tiger Hotel & Spa. The bellhops will take your luggage. Now, if you'll all please walk this way, Mr. Gohan and I will lead you to the ballroom so we may begin the celebration."


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter Two"
The Party

They all followed her & Gohan into a lavish ballroom, complete with chandeliers and a stage. The stage was set up with numerous different instruments, including several high-class electric guitars. There were four huge speahers placed on the stage, and a very cool lighting.
Noticing that some of the guests were drooling over the stage set up, Hana spoke up, "we're having a couple of bands over here tonight. Offspring couldn't make it, so we're stuck with some band called 'Moxy Fruvous'." (K tried her best not to scream, but she did anyways.)
Hana continued as they sat down around a large ice cream cake, "we're having one or two bands and singers every night, like Aerosmith, Eminem, Shonen Knife, Pink, and Marylin Manson. The list goes on, and on."
The meeting began just like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, ("Hi, I'm Butch, and I'm a Buttercup..err..I mean, a PPG Addict.") then Hana introduced her staff.
"You probably already know me", she boasted, "I'm princess Hana Goodheart, the manager and founder of this hotel. Mr. Gohan is the assistant manager and co-founder."
Two young women entered the ballroom, one was dressed like a chef, the other, dressed like a Navy Seal. Then a man with tall hair, and dressed in a tuxedo entered.
The woman in the chef's outfit came forth, and was introduced as the master chef, Miss ChiChi. After she had stepped down, the other woman came forward, and was introduced as Miss Bulma, head of security, technology, and medical staffs.
As Miss Bulma stepped down, the man in the tux, (reluctantly) came forward. He gave each of the guests an evil look. Then he finally began to speak.
"I am in charge", Vegita stopped and sighed, "I am in charge of the hotel's hospitality and clean-up crew.And if I catch ANY of you, ANY OF YOU, taunting me about my job, I'll--!"
Hana abruptly stopped him, "Thank you Mr. Vegita." He stepped back, looking very red and angry. And with that, all 16 guests began to eat the huge cake.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter Three"

The Fall
After the guests had eaten thier cake, it was about 4PM when thy were escorted to thier rooms.
Downstairs in the foyer, Gohan and Hana were talking about thier success. They looked up at the ceiling as they heard strange bumpinmnng and thumping, made by the guests's unloading thier luggage. Hana and Gohan laughed after hearing an ecstatic scream come from the direction of Mojo's room.
"Where did you find these people?", asked Bulma as she walked torwards them.
"Hey", said Gohan, "thier guests. We have to make sure they have a good time."
The three of them didn't notice Chel and K walking down the staircase as they chatted.
"They won't be having a good time when the killer, psychos come out", sang Bulma.
Chel backed up the stairs, wide-eyed, and motioned K to move back too.
"What did I tell you people?", Hana said angrily, "If they heard about this, they'd freak! I don't think they need another 'Murder Mystery' episode!"
"Woah, Hana! Cool it!", said Gohan. Thier voices soon became a whisper, and too hard to make out, so Chel and K dashed back up to thier room.
Chel quietly shut the door behind her and whispered to K, "Did you hear all of that?"
K answered looking around, "Yeah! It's like B-Chan's place! We're in big, big trouble, Chel!"
Chel nodded nervously, "We gotta get out of here, K! Leave your stuff behind, we gotta go!"
The two girls quietly snuck out of the room, and walked to the end of the hallway to an old freight elevator. Chel pushed the down button, and when she turned around, K was running back to her room.
"I can't leave my Moxy Fruvous plushies behind", K whispered to herself, "thier priceless novelties!"
Just as K began to open the door, she heard Chel's blood curdling scream. K spun around, and caught a glimpse of Chel, dissappearing into the shadows of the elevator.
Everyone came running out into the hall. Downstairs, in the foyer, Hana, Gohan, and Bulma looked up. Hana and Gohan flew upstairs, while Bulma ran up as fast as she could.
"What's going on h--?", Hana was cut short as K shot past her to the elevator, and the group followed her. K almost fell down the elevator shaft, but Tarrsk got a hold of her. The frieght elevator car was in tact, but the bottom was missing.
"Holy shit", said Buttercup Babe as she looked down, "the bottom's gone!"
Hana and Gohan fought through the crowd.
"One side people! Move over! Alright you, what the hell's goin' on?!", Hana asked K.
Gohan tapped Hana and pointed down the shaft. There lay the kind-hearted, optimistic Chel on the boiler room floor. Although they were up 4 stories, they could still see Chel's face in pale terror. Hana gasped and put her hand on her mouth.
"God have mercy on us all", Gohan said under his breath.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 4"
The Sleep

The aftermath of Chel's death sent the whole crew in a panic. The few people that had been in B-Chan's mansion, could remember the horrors of the mask murderer. They began to wonder if it was happening once again.
Bulma had the med team bring up Chel's body, and the tech & security staffs to shut down the elevator and seal it off completely. After doing an hour long autopsy, Bulma was convinced that Chel had not died on impact, but by a perculiar heart attack. When Bulma had taken a look at her heart, it was completely black, it had left the great Bulma completely confuzzulated.
K had also been taken to the infirmary, for she had fallen into a comatose-like state. This also confuzzulated Bulma, for these two girls were completely healthy. (Except for the occasional binging on large ammounts of junk foods, but no purging, coz that's just gross!) K had become pale, and sickly, she would go into spasms, and would stop breathing as here heart would stop beating. It was truly a sad thing to see.
Hana stayed by her bed side, and looked sorrowfully at K, who was hooked up to IVs, (ick!) and heart monitors. She had an oxygen mask on her face to help her breathe, and hopefully, keep her alive. Hana was there for almost a hour, when Gohan arrived.
"Hana, I cancelled all the concerts", Gohan said as he put his hand on her shoulder, "Hana, you have to come to dinner."
Still staring at K in her pitiful state, she answered, "I can't Gohan. It's all my fault."
"No it's not."
"Yes it is!", Hana turned to him, tears trickled down her face, "it IS my fault for letting them all come here. Because of me, Chel is dead, and K could be dead, too, any minute!"
They both fell silent, and only the beeps and sounds of the machines were heard. Hana turned back to K.
"Please go, Gohan", Hana said with her hands covering her face.
Without another word, Gohan slowly walked out the room. Hana sighed and took her hands off her face, and held K's hand.
"What did you guys see that scared you so bad?", thought Hana.
Hana cupped both her hands around K's, and placed it up against the pink gem on her forehead. (Yes, I have one of those.)
"Show me", Hana whispered and closed her eyes.
The room glowed a bright pink when Gohan was halfway down the hall to the ballroom. He turned around and saw the pink light pour out the door, then he heard Hana scream.
"Oh no, she didn't!", said Gohan.
Millions of pictures went through Hana's mind. She searched uuntil she found what she was looking for, something that made her whole body feel as if it was on fire, something that made her scream in pain by just lookig at it.
Gohan flew at top speed down the hallway, and into the room. He shielded his eyes from the gem's great light, then pryed Hana's hands from K's. The light dissappeared, and Hana, gasping for breath after all that yelling, fell limp on top of K. K's heart monitor went flat. Gohan ran out of the infirmary for help.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 5"
The Rose

Bulma and the med staff trryed thier best to bring back K, she was yet another victim to one of the strange heart attacks.
Hana was in a hospital bed now, complete with oxygen mask, IVs, and a heart monitor. Her hands were bandaged up for first degree burns, caused when reading K's mind.
Gohan was also bandaged up a bit on his hands, but with second degree burns. This was from him trying to pry Hana's hands from K's, he succeeded of course, but Hana was in bad shape. Gohan sat in Hana's room, looking at his hands.
"Amazing", he thought to himself, "not enough a super seiya-jin is safe."
He looked back up to Hana's bed, watching her sleep and thinking about what had happened. Gohan smiled to himself, and laughed a little.
"We're all gonna die here, aren't we, Hana?", thought Gohan.
Gohan looked up at the ceiling, and suddenly said out loud, "damned house." He stood up, still staring at the ceiling, "if you take her I swear I'll have my vengence! You hear me?!" He shot his fist in the air and scowled.
ANARKI walked up to the door with a white rose, but ducked back when he saw Gohan. Quietly, ANARKI watched as Gohan sank back into the chair and began to cry. Gohan then buried his face into the bed.
ANARKI looked at the rose in his hand and dropped it on the floor. He stepped on it as he walked away. Ace watched him as he crushed the rose, and as soon as ANARKI was gone, Ace rushed over and picked it up. He sighed as a few petals fell, and looked into Hana's room.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 6"
The Boys

The next morning, the rumor had spread that K was dead, and Hana was suspected for it. The hotel's guests had taken sides on the matter, resulting in Hana not having too many freinds left.
Unknown to them, Hana's life was slipping. She was falling into a deeper and deeper sleep. Like K, she had become pale and had trouble breathing.
Gohan never left her side. ANARKI stayed hidden outside the room, watching over Hana for hours, wishing he had never known her.
After lunch, ANARKI went back to Hana's room. He was unaware that he was being followed by Ace, who brought EeveeRin and Forau along. ANARKI leaned against the wall, peeking in the room. Ace, EeveeRin and Forau peeked around the corner, they quickly ducked back as ANARKI looked up at the cieling.
"See? What'd I tell ya?", whispered Ace.
"He's got it bad", Forau whispered.
"Oyez, muy mal", EeveeRin nodded.
The boys looked back over at ANARKI, who was still looking up at the cieling, mumbling and whispering to himself.
"Hmmm", EeveeRin pondered.
"What's up Eev?", asked Forau,"uh oh! No! Not a hook-up plan!"
Eev looked at Forau like he was an idiot.
"No Forau. Hana's a nice person, and if I know her well enough... she still likes him too."
Forau nodded in agreement.
"Guess you're right. She wanted to know where he was every frickin' day!"
"C'mon! Let's go get him!", said Eev.
EeveeRin, Forau, and Ace marched down the hall torwards ANARKI, and before he knew what hit him, he was dragged around the corner.
"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!", yelled ANARKI.
"Shut up ANARKI. We should be the ones asking that question", responded Eev.
"Now", said Ace, hitting him against the wall,"what we wanna know is..."
"...Do you still love her?", said Eev with a half smile.
ANARKI scowled at them, then his head drooped over as he sighed.
"If you do", said EeveeRin, "go to her, maybe you'll give her what she needs to pull through."


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 7"

The Kiss

ANARKI lifted his head, and moved a couple of dredlocks out of his face. He walked back to the room, the three boys following him. ANARKI stopped in the doorway. Prog put a hand on his shoulder and whispered, "If Gohan tries to kill ya, we'll back ya up."

ANARKI slowly walked inside the room, Gohan turned around and got out of his chair. Gohan saw Ace, Prog, and EeveeRin in the doorway, beckoning him to come over. He looked at ANARKI, confused, and walked to the doorway.

ANARKI stepped up to the bedside, he cautiouslyreached out and touched Hana's face. He withdrew his hand and pulled out a white rose bud from his coat pocket. Carefully, he paced it in her hair. ANARKI leaned over and kissed her softly on the pink gem inbedded in her forehead. The gem glowed a calm pink as ANARKI whispered, "I'm sorry."

In the doorway, Gohan blinked in amazement. He whispered to the others, "What's going on? Who's that?"

"That", said Prog, "Is going to be Ace's next rival."

"Hey!", cried Ace.

"What's that?", asked EeveeRin. He pointed at Hana's bed, where a tiger-striped tail hang over the side, and began to twitch.

ANARKI stood over Hana and watched in awe as she opened her eyes.

"Well I'll be damned", said Prog, smiling to himself.

Gohan's mouth dropped to the floor and a large sweat drop appeared on his head. He gathered himself, then said, "Well, I could've done that."

Hana reached over and took ANARKI's hand. He felt a strange warmth, and then a voice:
"It's alright now" Hana's hand dropped back on the bed, and she fell back into her sleep.

Gohan immediately ran back over to her bedside. Looking up at ANARKI, he turned his eyes toward the door, making sure he understood he had to leave. Just as ANARKI started walking torwards the door, the lights flickered. All around the hotle, people stared at the lights. That's when the power went out, leaving them all in total panic.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 8

The Eyes

Bulma ran into the infirmary and ripped off Hana's oxygen mask, "she'd suffocate if that didn't come off." Then she turned to Gohan, "I need you to get everyone in one place. Use the loudspeakers and call them into the ballroom. I'll take care of Hana."

Gohan nodded and flew out of the room. Prog, Ace, EeveeRin, and ANARKI went into the ballroom.

Ten miutes later, everyone was i the ballroom, waiting for explanations. SilverBubbles and B-Chan were extremely upset. They were both covered in black smudges, (caused when SilverBubbles couldn't see how much foxglove she was putting into her cauldron).

After Gohan got everyone to quiet down, he tried to explain the power was out, and someonewas in the basement fixing the problem. As soon as he was finished telling them, the power came back on. A few people started to leave their seats, but were stopped when a young japanese cook came running in the ballroom, screaming something in, (you guessed it) japanese. Her white coat was covered in blood, and it was dripping everywhere, splattering some of the guests. She ran up to Gohan, still screaming in almost unitelligable chinese, and grabbe his shirt, staining it in blood. They watched in horror as she finally collapsed at his feet, in her own pool of blood.

"Holy shit!", said Tarrsk, "what was she saying?"

Gohan stared at the girl's body, and after a few moments of silence he spoke, "black shadows of death."


Hours past by like days, as everyone in the hotel learned of what happened to the young japanese cook, and the entire kitchen staff.

When the power came back on, and everyone left the ballroom, Gohan and some of the security staff went to the kitchen. They saw the unspeakable horrors of what the cook dubbed the killing creature as "black shadows of death". Fresh, crimson blood flowed out of the bottom of the kitchen doors. The blood covered bodies of five young japanese women lay in a pile next to the freezer in the back. Blood covered every inch of the kitchen, excpet for the freezer door, which opened ajar.

Cautiously, Gohan and a volunteer officer opened the empty freezer. The Master Chef, the beautiful young ChiChi huung on a meat hook in her back, facing the back wall. Gohan, in total shock, ran over to ChiChi. But before he removed her from the hook, he saw the blood writing on the wall:


Like a sponge, the wall soaked up the bloody poem. It became black, and looked as ifit was a huge abyss in the wall. Two glowing red eyes appeared in the dark abyss. The security staff ran madly, and Gohan quickly took ChiChi off the hood, flying for his life.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 9"

The Truth

"Oh fuck!", is exactly what Bulma thought when Gohan came into Hana's room, carrying his mother's lifeless body. "What the hell happened to ChiChi?!", she continued, not really wanting to know.

"She's dead", Gohan answered, his voice trembling, "they took her...that thing in the kitchen. The shadows..."

Gohan fell to his knees, clutching ChiChi. Holding her close to his white shirt, making it red with her blod. Bulma ran over to Gohan and knelt beside him to try and comfort him.

"I'm so sorry", she said, "listen Gohan. ChiChi was abrave woman, and I'm sure she fought for her life before she died. And I know she was thinking of you the whole time."

Gohan stared up into Bulma's sympathetic eyes as she continued, "ChiChi would die for your safety, Gohan. She loved you so much. ChiChi was a wonderful mother to you."

With these final words, Gohan burst into tears, hugging his beloved mother.


It was somewhere around midnight when wordspread of the horrid deaths of the cooking staff, how they were all sliced up, how they were all missing their hearts. For some reason, someone, or something, was taking the hearts of the innocent. Either they were ripped out of chests, or the life, the spirit of the heart was taken, leaving it black, and giving its victim a sort of heartattack, (like Chel and Potassium).

Everyone in the hotel were scared to death, afraid that they would never make it out alive. Butch, Tarrsk, and ButtercupBabe decided there was only on thing to do: to get the hell out of there. So the three of them called everyojne together in the foyer, and then they'd all leave. The foyer was full of hotel staff and guests. They were all accounted for, except Ace, Prog, EeveeRin, and ANARKI, who stood on the balcony, protesting.

"We can't leave", yelled Eev, "Hana, Gohan and Bulma are still here!"

"Hana's sick", yelled Ace, "she'll die if we don't take her too!"

Down below, a riot was forming. Butch, Tarrsk, and ButtercupBabe stepped out from the crowd to confront them.

"Good riddance to bad rubbish is what I always say", screamed ButtercupBabe, "she can die here for all I care!"

"Yeah", agreed Butch, "she killed K!"

Cheers and shouts bellowed out from the crowd, then a voice was heard down the hall, "Hana never hurt anyone!"

The shouting died down as they watched a blood covered Gohan float torwards them. He stood in mid-air with his arms folded, looking at them accusingly.

"You people are awful", Gohan scowled at them,"what's wrong with youo? Have you no respect for the dying?!"

"Hana kill--!", said Tarrsk, trrying to explain.

"Hana killed no one", gohan interrupted, "She's a kind person. She'd never,
ever hurt anyone without a reason!"

They all looked down at thier feet, looking embarrassed.

Gohan continued,"You know, and I know, what's been killing people! It's the house! It's this god-damnned HOUSE!!"

In sudden and surprising rage, Gohan turned into his super seiya-jin mode, and punched his fist into the wall, making a large hole that could look into the room at the other side. hey watched him as he changed back into his regular self, and take his plaster and birck covered arm out of the hole.

"The Kakarot's boy is right you know", said Vegita. While they were busy watching Gohan, Vegita had walked down the other hall. He was now in the foyer, leaning against a pillar, now dressed in a pair of jeans, and a black muscle shirt, (sexy =9).

"While you fools have been frolicking around, and getting yourselves killed", boasted Vegita, "I have been doing some investigating." He left the pillar, and walked torwards the group. Vegita jumped up in the air and landed on the balcony, Ace, Prog, and EeveeRin backed away, but ANARKI stood uunmoving.

"This house", he began, "is haunted by the ghosts of murderous mad men. (YAY!) It used to be a prison for death row inmates in the 1920s. There was an attempted breakout, but it was stopped when the lock down system was turned on. All prisoners, guards, and others inside died here. They killed each other, trying to survive."

The people below stared at him in amazement and fear.

"As you know", he continued, "everyone who's been killed here the past two days, have died from missing hearts. ONe of the inmates was known for taking hearts of victims, they called him 'Black Shadows of Death'. The man was like a ghost, or a shadow when he lived. He would follow his victims, wearing only black and red goggles."

Vegita enjoyed looking at their fear-stricken faces as he told them everything, "before the breakout, this man was placed in the electric chair and destroyed. He had killed a total of 38 people...22 women and children, and 16 men. His evil spirit has taken control of all other spirits here, and I beleive he wants to kill again."

Just as Vegita uttered those last words, the lights in the hotel flickered and went out, leaving them all in complete darkness. Girls screamed high-pitched, and others shouted, believing they were all going to die. Deafening sounds of metal sliding down walls and slamming to the floor were heard over thier screams. And just as quickly as the power had went out, it flashed back on, showing them all that they were to stay. The lock-down system had been activated, and the guests had now become prisoners.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 10"

The Trap

Panic spread in the foyer, some people were banging on the steel and iron slabs, trying to get out, while others huddled together, fearing for thier lives. Someone was heard crying "the Black Shadows will kill us all!" Another person was heard yelling, "I'm too young to die!"

Down in the infirmary, Bulma was having problems of her own. Hana was having problems breathing, so Bulma was constantly reviving her. It seemed like everytime something bad was going to happen, Hana stopped breathing.

Back at the foyer, Gohan, Vegita, and a few others tried to keep everybody calmed down. Gohan had everyone go to the ballroom and sta there, he had a score to settle with Vegita.

"What the fuck did you think you were doing?!", screamed Gohan, "Are you trying to scare them to death?!"

"Listen here, boy", cried Vegita, "I'm trying to save these people!!"

"Then why'd you trap us inside?!" asked Gohan.

"I did no such thing", answered Vegita,"I had absolutely nothing to do with it."

Gohan stood staring at him in amazement,
the Shadow wants us to stay here. It's going to kill us all, he thought. He began to question Vegita again, "Where's the lockdown system at?"

"You should know that, boy",Vegita said raising an eyebrow, "I don't know where it is.
I'm just in charge of the hotel clean-up crew!"

Gohan sighed, agitated he sent Vegita back to the ballroom to calm everyone down. Then he sped down the hallway to ask Bulma.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 11"

The Hand

Gohan sped down the hall,
I have to stop this. I have to get everyone out of this damned house, he thought.

Gohan stopped at the infirmary doorway and walked inside. Hana was still hooked up to the medical instruments, and Bulma sat beside her.

"How's she doing?", asked Gohan hopefully.

After a moment of silence Bulma answered, "I don't get it, Gohan. Why hasn't that...thing, taken her yet?"

Gohan watched as Hana's chest rose and fell as she inhaled and exhaled. Then he smiled and spoke to Bulma, "Hana's being stubborn."

Bulma looked up at him confusingly, then Gohan explained, "Hana won't die. She'd rather fight this thing than have it win so easily. Hana wil fight 'til the very last breath if she has to. You know how redheads are."

They sat quietly for a few minutes until they saw the lights flicker again. They both looked at each other and nodded. Gohan flew out of the room and torwards the ballroom.

Gohan was only yards away from the ballroom's entrance when the doors burst open and everyone ran out screaming. When they all had ran out, Gohan peered inside and saw the lights flicker from black to red. His eyes grew wide as he saw a few wires fly lively about the stage, and sparks out thier torn ends. Then he saw the blackened body of Vegita pressed against the backwall of the stage. He was held up by other wires, they wrapped around his heck and head, his arms and legs, and wounded about his torso.

Gohan cautiosly walked up to the stage, and jumped on it. There, he noticed the scorched and bloddied body of ButtercupBabe. She had also been strangled and electricuted by the wires, and she also had the wires wrapped arouund her like Vegita. But she was trapped under a large set of stage lights that hung high above the stage, and all the lights were blown out.

Gohan looked back up at Vegita's body and it suddnely fell from its hold. Gohan watched his body fall as if it was in slow motion, and when he looked back up at the wall, he saw that thing again. The black shadow appeared in front of Gohan once again and the red eyes glowed even brighter, as with glee of it's latest killing. Gohan stepped back in fear as a large black hand came out of the wall. It slowly reached for Vegita's body, then plunged itself into Vegita's back. The hand came out, holding a pulsing yellow light and clutched it tight. It pulled quickly back into the wall.

The hand appeared again and stretched out torwards Gohan. Gohan stood paralyzed as it plunged itself into ButtercupBabe's chest. As it did to Vegita, it pulled out a pulsing grey light and quickly dissapeared back into the wall.

Gohan stepped back as he watched the red eyes slowly fade away, then he flew out of the ballroom in fear, panic, and disbelief.


"Black Shadows of Death: Chapter 12"
The Crew

Bulma listened attentively to Gohan's story. She burst into tears and hysterics in seconds when she heard of Vegita's death.

"Bulma", said Gohan, "there has to be a way to stop it!"

"There is no way to stop this thing", Bulma cried, "it's paranormal! You can't kill something that's already dead!"

"If it can't be killed, then we have to leave!", said Gohan, "ther must be a way out of here!"

"We can't get out if the lock-down system has been activated", began Bulma,"we're stu--!"

EeveeRin, Ace, and Prog were seen in the doorway. "We couldn't help but over hear your converstation", said Ace.

EeveeRin's eyes were bulging in his fright, now that he heard what happened to Vegita and ButtercupBabe. He could only nod.

"Yeah", said Prog as he cleared his throat, "we could help...I think."

"We can?", squeeked Eev, "oyez!"

Prog and EeveeRin looked at Ace, wondering what he was up to.

Ace began again, "We could probably hack into the system and shut it down!"

Bulma stared at them, then answered, "it's not computerized, it's mechanical."

Ace blushed, "...or we could do that."

"We can?" repeated EeveeRin, then Prog poiked EeveeRin in the ribs, "OW! Alright, we can!" EeveeRin rubbed his side.

"Ok", said Bulma, she turned to Gohhan, "Maybe you should stay here, Gohan, and watch Hana."

Gohan nodded then Bulma turned back to the 3 boys standing in the doorway, "Okay you three, move out!"

Gohan watched the group leave the room. Thinking to himself he said,
God, I hope it doesn't get them too. Gohan didn't know how right he was.


Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 13 (the carnage cometh!)

The Basement

Two days and two nights went by and eleven people had been murdered by a crazed ghost. It was about 6:00 AM already on the third day.

Bulma led Prog, Ace, and a trembling EeveeRin down the dark staircase to the basement. The sound of dripping water echoed through its hallways. She flipped a switch when they got to the bottom, and the lights flickered on.

"Creepy", mumbled Prog, "...yet cool."

Bulma motioned them to follow her again, and they walked down the wide hallway, stepping oveer a few boxes and the occassional rat. EeveeRin let out a small squeek when he saw a sheet move around, so Prog poiked him in the ribs again.

"Keep up back there!", Bulma called back to them, "Aha! Here it is."

In front of them was a large fenced in area, decorated with signs that read: "DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE", in several lanuages. Bulma too a set of keys from her pocket and unlocked the large lock. THe door squeeked eerily and a rat ran out. THey all walked inside, Bulma started looking for another lightswitch and found one quickly. As they looked around in the dimly lit room, they could see large peices of machinery. A few little red and green lights lit up on the switch board in front of Bulma.

"Now, let's see here", said Bulma as she picked up a small manual that was chained to the side.

While Bulma was looking through the old book, Prog looked up in awe at the massive machinery. EeveeRin watched Bulma, but only when he wasn't looking over his shoulder. Ace looked over a shoulder too, except it was Bulma's.

Ace stepped back quickly when Bulma spinned around on a heel and looked at Prog, "pull that lever!"

Prog looked at Bulma, "me?"

"Yes", said Bulma, "pull that one to your right, the brownish one."

Prog pulled the lever and little lights flickered on the machines. A loud rumbling sounnd and whirring was heard.

"Good", said Bulma, "now the power's on."

They watched Bulma push various colored buttons and flicked on switches. She too, pulled a lever and a clanking sound was heard. Then, it became a loud metalic sound, lock metal scraping the walls, and locking back into the cieling.

"Boys", said Bulma with a smile, "I think it's time for a celebration! We're free from this hell hole!"

Bulma, Prog, and Ace cheered and yelled, but EeveeRin stood completely still, his eyes wide open. Ace looked at EeveeRin, "You alright, man?"

EeveeRin pointed behind them, and they turned to see two large, red eyes staring back at them.


Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 14

The Rats

"Oh shit", said Prog under his breath.

The group slowly backed up, then turned and broke into a run for the stairs. EeveeRin, and Ace made it through the gate, when it slammed and trapped Bulma and Prog inside. Ace and Eev turned back around and saw it lock itself.

Bulma tossed the keys over the fence, "HURRY! Somethings's got my leg!"

A loose wire tangled itself around her leg, and another was wrapping around Prog's. The key's flew over Ace and EeveeRin's heads, and landed next to an old tool shelf. Ace ran after the keys, and got a hold of them. Then the rats attacked him. Ace screamed, they climbed all over him, and he feel over trying to shake them off. EeveeRin watched in horror, unable to do anything as more rats piled on top of Ace, biting him, scratching at him. Ace swuung his leg and hit the tool shelf, it rocked back and forth under its top-heavy weight, tools falling off. A few rats scattered then the shelf fell on top of him.

EeveeRin started running back to the stairs, he kept looking over his shoulder, and at one point, he saw Bulma and Prog dissappear. Something had pulled them away from the gate. He heard them scream in pain, and saw the light bulbs flicker overhead. EeveeRin tripped over a box, and got up limping. THen he noticed a black shadow chasing after him, it was the rats.

He got to the stairs, and pulled himself up on the railing. The rats were getting closer, a light bulb exploded above his head and cut his face with it's shards. EeveeRin made it to the door, and turned the knob, the rats dissappeared. He never noticed, just kept ruunning until he made it to the infirmary, where he finally collapsed in exhausted terror.


Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 15

The Search

Eeveerin sat on the bed, while SilverBubbles tended to his wounds. Gohan repeatedly asked him what he saw, what had happened, but Eeveerin never spoke.

"It had to be the shock of what he saw down there", SilverBubbles said, "sometimes, when a person gets the shit scared out of 'em, they go mute." She finished fixing his scratches and cuts and starrted to leave the room, "I'll get him some tea with honey, that might help."

Eeveerin watched her leave and wrapped a blanket arouund himself. He looked up at Gohan, who was staring at him, in an angry way.

"They're dead", said Gohan, "aren't they?"

Eeveerin looked down at the floor, his ears drooped and he shivered. He wrapped himself up in the blanket even tighter.

"Get some rest then", Gohan sighed, "I'm getting a search party round up. We'll see if they survived or not."

Gohan began to walk out, but was stopped when Eeveerin grabbed his arm. Eev stared at him with large, frightened eyes, and shook his head.

"We'll be fine", said Gohan, "just watch Hana for me."

EeveeRin let go of his arm and watched him leave. He looked at Hana on the other bed, wishing he could do something.

Gohan flew down the hallway to the staircase, and up into the arcade room. There, he founnd Forau, Tarrsk, and Butch playing "Virtual Reality Paintball". Gohan flipped the switch and turned it off.

"What the hell?!", Butch protested and took off his helmet. The three boys ranted and raved, and threw down their VR gear.

"Listen up you three", said Gohan, "I need volunteers for a search party."

"Why? Who's missin'?", asked Tarrsk.

"Ace, PsYcHoPrOg, (Damn your hard-typin name Prog!), and Miss Bulma", Gohan began again, "they were shuhtting off the lock down system in the basement. They were successful, but..."

"Prog's probably still alive", said Forau.

"Yeah", snickered BUtch, "he locked himself in a closet probably!"

Butch and Tarrsk cracked up. Then Forau bursted out in laughter, and fell on the floor laughing.


They all stopped and looked at Gohan. The boys got up off the floor, still snickering.

"The only person that made it out alive was EeveeRin", said Gohan, he paused and stared as he heard someone mutter "damn" and more snickering, "...and he's so scared that he's lost his voice."

"Is that a bad thing?", asked Butch innocently. Forau poiked him in the arm, "OW!"

Gohan rolled his eyes, "I need help to find survivors. You guys comin'?"

"Oyes", Forau confirmed, "we're with you sir."

Gohan nodded and their small search party took off for the basement.

Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 16

The Ballroom

It was late in the afternoon, when the search party finally came back with the lifeless bodies of Ace, PsYcHoPrOg, and Miss Bulma. Ace's body was almost uunbearable to look at. The rats that had attacked him litterally tore him to peices. They had chewed off the flesh right down to the bone in most places. They had even partaken in the delightful munchings of his tongue and eyes. (I'm proud of that one! =D)

PsYcHoPrOg's body was black, like Vegita and ButtercupBabe, he too had been electricuted. NOt only that, but his head was severly beaten in by a wrench, making his face gruesome and unnoticeable.

Miss Bulma had the air choked out of her. Gohan and the others had found her body, with the wire coiled around her like Boa constrictors. She was beaten with the same wrench, but probably only into unconsciencness.

Gohan came to the conclusion that they were all to leave that night, so everyone had gathered in the ballroom, once again, to learn what they needed to do.

"I won't let anyone else die", Gohan proclaimed over the microphone, "we are leaving tonight! All of us! ALIVE!"

The remaining survivors cheered, happy that they were to be leaving. THankful that they wouldn't be next.

Then they felt the room shake, and all was quiet.

"Oh my God!", screamed RockerBabe, "look at the cieling!"

Everyone looked up and screamed. THe glowing red eyes were on the ceiling, and then they dissappeared. The room started shaking, and cracks appeared in the ceiling. Water started to drip through.

"Oh shit", said Gohan, and screamed into the microphone, "the pool's right above us! GET OUT! GET OUT!"

Mojo, B-chan, and SilverBubbles were the only ones that made it out when the door slammed behind them. Then they heard the loud crash of water, flooding the room, along with the screams of the others.


Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 17
The Survivors

The ballroom was filled with water, not to mention drowned bodies. Gohan was still alive, and tried to open the door. He finally created a large ball of energy, and blew a hole in the wall.

Mojo, B-Chan, and SilverBubbles ran back, when the water came jetting out across the main hall. When the water stopped pouring out, they quickly looked to see if anyone had survived.
Gohan sat up coughing and gasping for air. SilverBubbles came to his aid. Mojo found SuperGirl, also gasping for air behind a pile of broken chairs. B-chan went inside the ballroom and searched to see if anyone was still alive. The water was a about a foot high. She saw a hand sticking out of a pile of rubble. She quickly removed most of it, and found ANARKI pinned beneath a peice of the large dining table in the water. B-chan picked it up and tossed it aside, then she sat ANARKI up and repeatedly hit him in the back.

"C'mon dumbass", said B-chan, "BREATHE!"

ANARKI began to cough. Supergirl and Mojo entered the room.

"Well", said SuperGirl, smiling, "check out the drowned rat!"

ANARKI coughed and said in a scruffy voice, "Who are yoou calling a 'rat', bitch?"

They all laughed, and SilverBubbles and Gohan walked in. Gohan looked at ANARKI in a disgusted "why aren't you dead" sort of way. He sighed and motioned them to follow him.


They sat in the infirmary, silent.

"I can't beleive it", said Mojo, finally breaking the silence, "all of them are dead."

"It's unbelievable", said SilverBubbles, "Forau, Tarrsk, Butch, RockerBabe, Candy. All dead."

"I don't think I'll be going swimming any time soon or ever", said ANARKI.

Gohan looked down at Hana, his face changed from calm to serious. He picked up Hana and walked out the door.

He turned to them, "we're leaving." And he left.

The others looked at each other, and finally got up and followed him.

Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 18

The Chase

Gohan ran through the hallway, holding Hana's body tightly. ANARKI, Mojo, SuperGirl, B-Chan, SilverBubbles, and EeveeRin followed closely behind. Gohan stopped in front of the large front doors, and put down Hana. He grabbed the large handles and pulled.

"Why won't the fucking thing open?!", he gruunted.

In his struggle, he didn't notice the pair of glowing eyes appear on the doors. THe doors turned black, leaving the handles still brass. The group behind him noticed though, and they panicked.

"I could use some help!", he called back, then turned around, "What's the matter?"

He saw their faces, and nervously turned to look at the doors. A large sweatdrop appeared on his head, and Gohan screamed.


Gohan picked Hana back up, and they all ran down the hallway. THe black shadow followed them, spilling off the doors and down the hall, like an uncontrollable tidal wave of black oil. Gohan looked back, and watched it rounding a corner. Gohan jumped off the floor, and flew down the hallway. BB-chan, SG, and SB did the same. SilverBubbles picked up Eeveein, and B-chan picked up Mojo. SuperGirl looked back and saw ANARKI running mad, the Shadow close to his heels. She rolled her eyes and grabbed him, "C'mon slowpoke!"

They flew down torwards the kitchen and blasted through its doors. Then they went through another set of doors, and into the greenhouse. Gohan lnded as did the others, and without a moment to waste, he fired an energy blast into the glass. He took Hana and ran out of the greenhouse, Mojo, ANARKI, EeveeRin, and SB followed. Before SG and B-chan could get out, the dark creature poured inside, and the entire greenhouse exploded.

They ran up the hill, and saw it explode, the creature had dissappeared. Then, when all seemed lost, B-chan and SuperGirl ran up the hill, they had survived.

Black Shadows of Death - Chapter 19

The Sacrifice

The group looked back at the hotel, surveying the area from afar.

Mojo looked up and pointed at the sky. Dark storm clouds circled above the hotel. Lightning clashed and thunder rolled, and the two eyes appeared in the sky. The clouds vanished, leaving the sky black as midnight.

Gohan looked down at Hana, her face was white and she stopped breathing.

"Hana? Hana?", Gohan shook Hana, tears forming in his eyes, "HANAAA!!!!"

The group saw Gohan, holding Hana's lifeless body. Then, two large black hands came from the sky, heading in Gohan and Hana's direction.

ANARKI watched the two hands of incoming death, ready to take Hana's life. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a knife. He held it torward the dark sky, staring into the glowing red eyes.

Leave Hana be, he said to himself, looking into the creature's eyes, take me instead!

EeveeRin turned his head in ANARKI's direction, and watched him plunge the knife into his chest, straight through his heart. As ANARKI fell to his knees, the two hands changed direction and grabbed him. The rest of the group watched the hands reach into his chest, and pull out a pulsing gold light. The hands quickly pulled back up to the sky. The creature's eyes closed, and it swirled back intothe building below. ANARKI's body fell to the ground, the knife still clutched in his hand.

Hana opened her eyes and looked up at Gohan, "Gohan?" He looked down at her, who smiled weakly up at him. They all looked on in amazement, as she sat up, and looked around. Hana spotted ANARKI laying in the grass, his long, dark hair blowing in the wind.

"ANARKI?", she waited for an answer and slowly stood up.

"Hana", said Gohan, "he didn't make it."

"Alot of them didn't make it", said Mojo, looking back at the hotel.

Hana looked at the hotel, then fell to her knees beside ANARKI's body, crying hysterically. Gohan, Hana, Mojo, EeveeRin, SuperGirl, B-chan, and SilverBubbles had survived, but many had perished by the hands of the "Black Shadows of Death".


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