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Untitled. Past of the Dog. - Repairing Wings 24/7
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Mon, Jul. 13th, 2009 12:29 am
Untitled. Past of the Dog.

Yis it's me again.  I decided to give Livejournal another shot at not being a jerk with my entry.  Anyways, I skipped a whole bunch of stuff that has happened to me lately.  I haven't found a job which is very annoying but on the brighter note I got out of the hellhole I was living in because of it.  My dad lost his job having one too many days late most of them I would call them drunkener days where he wasn't at home with me when they happened.  The alarm clock got him on the last one though.  Anyways it's not about my dad the point is that he couldn't get another job and evenually we couldn't live there anymore.  So we had to move in with my grandma's.  When we first moved I didn't even had my computer in her because I was afraid it might have annoying insects to deal with.  But after about 3 months I was able to get it out and play some of the many games I downloaded on to my computer for fun like Stepmania and Mungyodance or some other games.   It was probably another 3 months until I got my computer back which was one of the best days for me.  I had a online relationship with someone but she nevered mailed me letters when I was away which made me extremely sad.  But I was like whatever maybe it was the post man.

It was close to christmas when I finally got the internet back oh it was such a joyous moment since there isn't much you can do here.  I got look around and see all the things I missed and enjoyed and found even more things to even.  The online relationship we had kinda went south after I came back but maybe that's because I really don't want to all like I want to be with you forever no matter what because it seems I always get hurt like that so I just was more like you mean a lot to me and such.  Anyways, she got a crush online and we don't speak to each other that much anymore which is sad because everyone that I like are important to me.  All the way back to MGB and if you know who that is then you may know me a little TOO much. xD  Anyways, I did new things decided to get on SL found out about Let's Plays on youtube.  On second life I found Sarah who I really care the world for even though it's a very odd relationship but when you love someone it's just something you have to full for and let youself freefall
.  I really love the girl with all my heart weither or not she knows it or not.  I just get very distracted and have been very reserved for my whole life I'm more like "Wheee I want to play!" instead of "Let's talk then let's play together Whee!".  Not only that but I really trust her that when she says she'll never leave me I don't deny it.  She has heard one of the worse things that ever happened over her because foolish me left the mic on while I went to take a drunk uncle dave to his girlfriend's house.

Spreaking of uncle Dave had to move in with us as well because o
f his girlfriend kicking him out so.  Which I don't mind since he does seem to give out his money left and right to his girlfriend's annoying daughter who deserves a slap across the face instead of a candy bar or a toy.  Since he moved here he's been giving a lot more alcohol to my dad since my dad can't really get any because my grandma won't buy him it.  He's been pretty annoying but at least I know he's safe.  It's hard to say I care about him but I do he is still my father after all even though he likes to annoy the hell out of me.  Dave has gotten himself in the Payday Advance trap though he's got 5 count it 5 payday advances of $500 every two months while his paycheck is $1000 every two months so he keeps borrows pays borrows pays borrows it's a never ending cycle.

But let's not talk about the bad any more that stuff it pretty annoying.  I have found that I can make a little extra spending money from taking surveys at Opinion Outpost I made a decent amout of money there I made about $40 for 6 months which isn't too good but it's all the money I have been able to get  I got a few other ones but they are going waaay slower.  I also have a very nice girl who I really hope will last with me until we meet and live together and that like.  He always jokes like you show move down here with me but I always say How by walking?  Either way I really do have a lot to be happy for.

I know there are a few of you out there that haven't talked to me in forever and I really would like to chat to you again.  My Yahoo is URunderdog and MSN is j4v4d0ggy followed by the at hotmail with some even more normal stuff. xD  I get enough Spam.  So please no more I don't look at it EVER.

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